10 Marvellous Facts About The Indian Army That Will Make You Feel Proud

It neither guarantees you materialistic luxuries, nor does it promise the life of a celebrity. But the honour and respect it offers, along with the privilege of serving the nation will give you an incredibly proud feeling that no other job can offer.  Yes, it’s “The Indian Army”: the backbone of Indian Safety.

Today, we celebrate the “Indian Army Day”. It was first recognised to honour Lieutenant General of India, K. M. Cariappa (Kodandera Madappa Cariappa), who was the Indian Army’s first Commander-in-Chief. We can never thank our Army enough for what they do – and these marvelous facts will earn them more of your respect. Knowing these will help you celebrate Indian Army Day with more vigour and profound gratitude!

1) No compromise on “Quality Of Service”


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Unlike other government organizations and institutions in India, there are no provisions for reservations, based on caste or religion. The selection of candidates for Commissioned Officers is apparently the toughest in the world to get through. Although the country suffers a shortage of 12,000 officers, the selection process is stricter than most to make sure the quality of service never drops.

2) The biggest ‘volunteer’ army in the world


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India has the biggest “volunteer” army in the world. The in-service and reserve personnel have all come forward to join the force. While our constitution has a provision to enforce recruitment, it has never been used till now.

3) The best in high altitude warfare


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Indian soldiers are considered among the very best in high altitude and mountain warfare. High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS) is one of the most elite training centers across the globe. The US, UK, and Russia send their Special Ops to train at this center to improve their mountain warfare. The US, in fact, sent its soldiers to train at this very school before their regiments were deployed to Afghanistan.

4) Well-known Gurkha regiments


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Again a well-known fact, some Gurkha regiments were so brilliant in their endeavours, that the Queen decided to take them along with her to England when India and Pakistan were granted Independence in the August of 1947. The Gurkha Infantry is still a part of British Army.

5) Param Vir Chakra


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The Param Vir Chakra (PVC) is India’s premier military decoration awarded for the highest degree of valor and/or self-sacrifice in the presence of the enemy. It can be, and often has been, awarded posthumously.

6) Indian Missile “NIRBHAY”


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India’s cruise missile, NIRBHAY (under testing), is a nuclear-warhead which after blasting, takes the form of a plane and when the target is in range, attacks with a random procedure thus eliminating the probability of it being stopped by any anti-missile system as its own process is not defined to begin with. In other words, it is unstoppable.
In the hilly terrain, it has an added advantage because the missile goes along the side of the mountains and attacks the target from the rear.

7) India’s victory against Pakistan in 1971


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The Indo-Pakistan War of 1971 ended with the surrender of about 93,000 soldiers and officials of the Pakistani Army. It is the largest number of war prisoners taken into custody since World War II. This war resulted in the creation of Bangladesh.

8) The Military Engineering Services (MES) is one of the finest


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The Military Engineering Services (MES) is one of the biggest construction agencies in the country. In times of war, MES can provide accessory services such as military roads, waterand electricity supply, drainage, refrigeration, furniture, etc. required by the Army, Navy and Air Force in India.

9) The Indian Army controls the highest battleground in the world in Siachen (>6000 m)


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The Army deploys around 3000 troops round the year in Siachen at the edge of the glacier in sub-human conditions and holds an impeccable record for all conflicts in that region. The cold kills more soldiers here than bullets. The Government spends crores every day to maintain its bases at Siachen. The temperature could go as low as -50 degrees Celsius and the soldiers only eat dehumidified food.

10) Indian Army has never initiated an attack


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The Indian Army is one of the few around the world that have never initiated an attack. We have not yet attacked a country and any battle that we’ve been in has been out of retaliation.

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