10 Must-Try Ice Cream Flavours For This Summer

Summer is here and we get another reason to enjoy Ice Cream. Anyways Ice Cream lovers don’t need any excuses to eat Ice Cream. The joy of eating a bite of the chilled sweet flavoured ice cream is always ultimate. But being Ice Cream lover, I don’t restrict myself to one Ice Cream shop or flavour. I explore different Ice Cream parlours and don’t hesitate to taste new flavours.

Here are some Ice Cream Flavours you must try with your family, colleagues and friends for this summer –

1) Cookies Cream from Amul


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2) Tender Coconut from Natural


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3) Papaya Pineapple from Baskin-Robbins

ice cream- papaya banana1sig

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4) GulKand from Top-n-town



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5) JackFruit from Natural


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6) Alphonso Marvel from Amul


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7) Red Velvet from Baskin-Robbins


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8) Plain Mint from Natural


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9) Sitaphal from Natural


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10) Roasted Almond from Natural

roasted almod

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Tempting?? Isn’t it? If yes then pick up your phone and order your favourite ice cream.

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