10 Reasons Why Guy Needs A Girl Best Friend

Girls are not easy to understand as every girl is different in her own way. In daily life we interact and share many things with Mother, Sister, Girlfriend, Female co-worker but we don’t share all things with all. Guys may have male best friends but having Girl BFF is really awesome feeling unless you are crossing your limits. When you truly understand her, she’s going to be a very special person for you. Here is why having a Girl BFF is awesome:

1. You get Personal Stylist

You will always get honest comments about your attire, your hair style and sometime about your perfume. Your Girl best friend wont hide and tell you straight away when you look uncle and when you look dude.


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2. You understand How girls think 

If you land in a situation where you don’t know how any girl gonna react your Girl best friend will give you insights without judging you. Unlike your Girlfriend, she won’t ask you hundred questions before giving her opinion about any situation.


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3. You can express emotions easily 

She knows you well and you don’t hesitate about expressing your feelings and emotions to her. Sometimes it’s really hard to share a relationship problems or emotional blockage with male friends but with girl best friend it’s altogether a different thing as she listens to you like a mother, supports you like a sister and above all, she understands you.

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4. You call her to get out of your emotional setback 

You share things and emotional bond with your Girlfriend but what if you are angry with your girlfriend. Girl BFF is always available for you to cheer up, to cuddle you and to get you out of emotional setback.

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5. You start ordering new dishes in Restaurant 

When you go out with male friends in restaurant, you mostly have fixed dishes to order but when you go out with your Girl best friend for dinner you order something new. Suddenly you start ordering Cheesy foods and desserts.


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6. You always get reliable partner

Your journals, project books all will be complete on time…thanks to her attentiveness in classroom! Ohh, how can you forget about that couple dance party! You will always have a “default” partner for that too. 😉

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7. You get honest review of girl whom you are checking out 

Male best friend may just talk about outer appearances but girl BFF will tell you how actually she is by her behavior and even helps you to stay out of unnecessary trouble.


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8. You get someone who loves you for who you are 

No matter what you do, she stands beside you. You don’t have to be formal with her because she knows that you respect her and care for her despite all your awkwardness. When necessary, she scolds you like a mother and in victory, you will get her pampering.

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9. You always enjoy her presence 

Having Girl BFF is not always emotional affair. She can be crazy and fun as your guy friends. You will see real, insane, crazy girl behind that cute face.


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10. You find someone who really understands you 

The best part of having a girl best friend is she will understand you better than anyone else. As per time, your understanding and sense of comforts deepens. You don’t need to worry about being misunderstood for anything because she knows you very well.


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