10 Simple Tips To Make Positive Impact In Life

Life is busy and keeping positive attitude throughout a day is not so easy; especially when we are surrounded by so many peoples, situations, things which are throwing garbage of negative, unhappy thoughts to us. We are always told to keep positive attitude in life but rarely few explains how to be positive. Let me tell you how. 🙂

Being positive is not that difficult as it seems. It just requires presence of mind and little control over our emotions. Following are 10 simplest tips which I always do to keep my attitude positive and happy every day and I am damn sure you will also find these tips helpful. So here we go;

1) Avoid Gossiping

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There are better things to talk about than the other people. Generally we waste both our time and energy in talking about someone else which is not at all important. This increases negativity and we don’t get anything out of it. So avoid it. Utilize your time for something beneficial. I am not saying don’t talk to your friends. Have a healthy chat with them but have an alertness of when to get out of conversation. If you find group talk going in different direction, try to change the topic. If you can’t change it then just excuse yourself from talk, plug in earphones and enjoy your favorite music. That’s what I do most of the time. And trust me it’s worth doing so.

2) Avoid discussing your problems with everyone

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We all have some problems in life, some challenges to face. But discussing those problems with everyone will not help us to solve them. In fact, the more we talk about problems, the more we spread negativity not just in our life but also in other’s life. So better discuss them with your close friends and try to find solution on it rather than crying over problems.

3) Having an issue with a person? Talk to him/ her rather than talking about him/her

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You had argument with boss in office and you outburst at your spouse/ child at home, you had fight with a colleague and then you bad-mouth him/her behind their back… sound familiar? It is unfortunate but not unusual that we tend to talk about the person, with whom we are having problem, behind their back. And Holaaaa! There is a problem with this behavior. This kind of behavior increases negativity and we keep on focusing bad things about other person which indeed makes us resentful. The better approach is, rather than talking about them, talk to them. Be clear on what you feel about their behavior towards you. This attitude will surely help you to solve problems than increasing bitterness.

4) Share your joys with friends, be it a small or big

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As we grow older, we share less joys and more problems! Why? Because we become judgmental as we age. We need big reasons to celebrate joys and in the search of those big reasons we miss small things of life. Remember, in childhood days a new chalk or pencil used to give us lots of joy. And we used to show it off to the world very proudly. So don’t kill that child in you. Nourish it, let it feel and express the joy of small things. Brought new shirt? Show it off to your friends yaar… eating “Motichur Laddoo”, let your expression tell to the world how happy you are. Well I am crazy for pen-pencils & I still get excited when I get new one and show it off to the world. Trust me you can’t beat that happiness. 🙂

5) Avoid discussing topics which make you feel bad

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You share your thoughts about something and your friends criticize it. You try to explain but rather than understanding your feelings they make fun of you and suddenly you start feeling low. Well let me tell you, its okay if they don’t agree with you. You don’t need anyone’s approval. And next time onwards skip that topic while talking with friends. Discuss that topic with someone like minded. Doing this will help you feel good and you won’t face that uneasy feeling with friends too.

6) At least once in a day say “I love you” to yourself while looking in mirror

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Very rightly said by Gautam Buddha, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”. Yes, we should look into the mirror and say I love you to self. It may sound stupid but it is not. Have you ever find it stupid to say I love you to your spouse or lover or best friend? No. I always smile and blink my eye flirtily, give a flying kiss to myself whenever I look into the mirror. This makes me feel good and reminds me that I am worthy. Try it and believe me doing so will definitely make you smile and you will feel more love for yourself. 🙂

7) Talk to yourself

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This is a strange but very helpful advice. After all you know yourself better than anybody else in the world. So if you got the problem, have a quite time, analyze it, and seek answers from within. This habit will aid you to de-clutter your mind. Also when you get angry and you take time to talk to yourself, you will find out that you can control your anger in a better way and this help you to maintain peace of mind.

8) Watch funny videos of babies

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This is really sweet and simple advice but very much powerful. Children are very innocent and when we watch those playing or watch funny videos of them we feel happiness. Innocence in their actions melts our stress away and boosts positive attitude.

9) Dance like no one is watching you

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This advice is my personal favorite. Aaahaa, don’t worry if you don’t know how to dance. Just lock yourself in room, play your favorite band and let your body move on the rhythm. Don’t worry if you skip a bit, keep moving and keep shaking your body. Sweat it out. Just feel those move, you will find yourself getting relaxed and enjoying. Put your heart in dance and dance will never leave you alone. And still if you feel that dance is not your cup of tea then don’t worry, play songs and do any kind of exercise you like. Study has proved that physical activity boosts positive energy.

10) Be grateful

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This is most powerful tip for positive attitude throughout a day. Rather than focusing on what is wrong, concentrate on what is right in your life and be thankful for that. The more you focus on good things in life; you will attract more good things to be grateful for.

So guys these are 10 simplest things which I follow in my life to keep negativity at its bay and lead positive life. Hope these will help you too. 🙂

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