10 Things Every Girl Should Do At Least Once In Her Life

Oooohhh Girls, now is the perfect time to make a list of things you should do at least once in a life, if you haven’t made it yet! And here I am to make your task simpler by providing few ideas below. Those who have already penned down things to do in their life, you may find some interesting things to add in your list too; so read on… 🙂

1) Try your own start-up.

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Do your favorite work, earn elephant-size. Feel how it’s like to be an entrepreneur!

2) Date someone you will never marry.105

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Marriage comes with responsibilities and just a thought of it overshadows the love part..
Just don’t think of marriage and fall in love with someone deeply.
Get ahead of all the limits….Breakaway!

3) Spend lavishly on your looks and go flaunt it.

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It’s a way to love yourself.Discover yourself, your beauty..
And world doesn’t notice it easily, you need to show off, ladies!

4) Travel with your girlfriends somewhere far.


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That’s a best thing ever to do and you know why! 😉

5) Stay away from home alone, for a month at least.


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Discover yourself, new friends, new place, independently.. Feel free and fly away with the situations, yourself!

6) Let your creativity spill out.

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Sing, Dance, Write.. Express yourself through your art..
It’s hard to believe, a girl is a nerd! 😉

7) Don’t wear any makeup and roam around like a boss at least once.


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Be original..Be you 🙂

8) Married ladies, put responsibilities aside at least once and go hang out with your best ladies.


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After all, you deserve that much needed break 😉

9) Go trekking at least once.


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Be adventurous!
Because you know you can do it!

10) Nourish a kid or educate a kid, who is not your own blood.



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A woman is a mother, naturally!

So these are 10 interesting ideas for your bucket list.

I’m sure you must be having other ideas to share with us…

So write them in a comment box below because, I would like to add more things in my list 🙂