11 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Maximize Your Potential

Maximizing potential is important to achieve greatness and live life fully. Its about being better and better. These memorable quotes by Devdutt Pattanaik , from one of his classics, will change the way you think and will help you to maximize your potential.

A yajaman is encouraged to be like Shiva and give shelter to those who are too frightened to think for themselves. He must also be like a Vishnu, encouraging those who are too frightened to think for others, to expand their gaze, become more dependable. This is growth.

To be a devotee of God means to try and be like him, in other words invoke the human potential within us.

Ravan may be Shiva’s devotee but he does not want to see the world as Shiva does. In fact, he assumes like him Shiva also values pecking orders. By contrast, … Hanuman does not care what Ram has or can give him; he seeks to invoke Ram within himself.

Hanuman seeks to realize his potential, not increases his resources. Ravan, on the other hand, does not believe there is any potential he needs to realize, he is perfect and all he needs is more resources.

In the workplace, we often mistake educational qualifications and institutional pedigree, which is jati, for attitude and potential, which is verna. We may not be able to change our jati, but we can always change our varna.

When we realize that people do what we consider villainous deeds out of fear, we do not condemn them, or patronize them, but find out in our heart that it is about us that makes them fear us too.

The day one starts to listen, allows people to express themselves, appreciates their point of view, feels comfortable giving rather than receiving Durga, he will have grown. He will be more of Vishnu, fountainhead of security, and more people will be attracted to him.

Obedience is neither good nor bad. What matters is the reason behind the obedience, the belief behind behavior. Is it rooted in fear or is it rooted in wisdom? Does someone obey to ensure self-preservation, self-propagation and self-actualization or because he cares for the others?

A simple study of how organizations treat silent support staff (i.e the office boy, canteen boy, security guards etc) is an indicator of leadership empathy.

Inclusion means not just allowing those who follow you into paradise, but also making room for those who reject and oppose you.

True expansion happens when I grow because you grow. When only I grow, it is selfish. When only you grow, it is selfless.

For society, we need neither selfishness not selflessness. We need a connection with the ecosystem. We need a method of mutual exchange and growth, one that includes more and more people. This is Uddhar.

Devdutt has uniquely made his points with the help of Hindu mythological stories such as Ramayan, Mahabharta etc which is appealing. Hope you guys liked it.