11 Ways To Beat The Monday Blues

After weekend, Monday usually feels dreadful. Excitement graph goes down and worrisome graph goes up. If you feel you are the only one who fears about Monday then you are wrong. There are many who message their boss – “Today I am not feeling well, taking leave for a day.”

So here come few handy tips to beat Monday Blues and Start your week with positive feeling.

1) Find the problem

Just because your weekend was awesome and you took afternoon nap, you are feeling Monday will be horrible; then something is serious about your thinking. Find out problem which makes you worry about Monday. List it down and think on it, try to solve it. If problem occurs every Monday then discuss with your colleagues and Boss and fix in upcoming Friday.

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2) Look Good and Dress Well 

Don’t keep your good looking cloths for Weekend. Wear nice ironed dress on Monday. Good dressing boost confidence and you feel excitement. If you are man then shave and look good. Try to spend good time in front of mirror before leaving for office. Girls can wear matching accessories to get complements at work place. Make Monday your “Look-my-best” day!


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3) Prepare for a week on Sunday Evening

Make a list of things which you have to do in upcoming week. Use mobile reminder to get notification for things to do. Whether you have to call your client for meeting, want to attend seminar or just want to go outside with your colleagues for Team lunch, just set a reminder on phone. Doing this your will cover everything what you have to do in upcoming week and you will feel confident and relaxed.


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4) Say No to Office Email on Weekends

Many of us checks office email on weekends. Guys, unless and until it is absolutely required, please do not check office mails on weekends. It will only make you worry about upcoming week and it feels horrible. Better you enjoy with your family on weekends. Keep work aside at least for one day. Doing this you will enjoy and feel relaxed during weekends and you will be full of energy on Monday.


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5) Keep Weekend story ready for office friends

Keep your weekend movie reviews, restaurant reviews ready to share with your office buddies. It is a way of telling them you enjoyed your weekend and you are positive for Monday. On Monday, many of us start doing work as soon as they reach in office, which makes workplace boring. Better have a good discussion with your buddies and make yourself comfortable and relax before start doing work but don’t stretch discussion to the extent where you start running short on time for work.


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6) Keep your Monday schedule light

Knowing that Mondays are traditionally busy days at office, a good way to tackle Monday blues is to keep your Monday schedule as clear as possible.  If you are planning your meetings ahead then try to schedule them on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In this way Monday will work as a warm up day for upcoming hectic work week.


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7) Prepare for Monday on last Friday

We usually feel Monday heavy because we don’t prepare for it. As mentioned in Point 6 try to keep your Monday light, you should cover and finish dreadful tasks by Friday even if you are in a weekend mood rather than piling it up for Monday. If you have unpleasant task which needs your attention on Monday morning, get them done as soon as possible so that you don’t spend the rest of Monday in worry.


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8) Make someone else happy

Compliment your colleagues for dressing, new hairstyle and their weekend activity. Do something nice to someone else either at home or at office. Doing this will lift your confidence and you will feel happy on Monday and this will shift your mood in your office. But be aware don’t dive into trouble, keep things simple.


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9) Treat yourself

Like people usually do Biryani or Pizza party in office on Fridays and enjoy it thinking of upcoming weekend, you can also treat yourself by eating food of your choice on Monday. You can make good start of your work day with a bite of chocolate as chocolate has mood lifter qualities. Nothing beats depression better than food you like. So start your week with a self treat 😉


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10) Use Social Media to contact your old friends

While travelling to office, you can say “Hello” to your old friend on social media like Facebook, whats app. Share your thoughts, do chit chats with them. Comment on their Facebook status. This will light up your mood and you will feel more comfortable.

Caution: Avoid conversation which will make you feel sad about your work.


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11) Be Positive and Relax

Take time to recognize and appreciate the things that you enjoy about work. When you are in office, do your best not to be a complainer. Don’t be a dumping ground for others grumpiness. Whenever you face such situations where people are complaining, don’t give a damn to it, just smile and leave that place as early as possible. It’s always important to be positive and spread smile around.


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Remember, “Life starts every Monday!”, so do your best to make it a fabulous start. 🙂

Write your tricks to make Monday rocking in comment box below and share this to keep your friend out of Monday Blues.

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