11 Winter Skin-Care Tips You Might Be Unaware Of

Winter has come and like every time, everyone is super cautious about skin. Yes, even though winters are so awesome but our skin really hates it and you know why..right? Off course, cause winter sucks out moisture from the skin making it dry, itchy and dull.

But there are few tricks and tweaks in our daily routine, which can actually keep skin supple and soft even in winters.

Read on to know those tricks:

1) Say “No” to “Long” and “Hot” water bath


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Long and Hot showers strip away natural oil from skin making it dry and itchy. Limit bath time and use warm or cold water instead of hot water.

2) Don’t underestimate the power of “Vaseline”


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Yes this small plastic bottle is your savior! It helps to lock in those natural oil in skin and as its non-comedogenic (wont clog pores), you can apply it on face as night cream too 🙂

3) Oil is not skin’s enemy


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Yes you heard me right… Oil is skin’s friend. Not all oil clogs skin pores. Oils like olive oil, jojoba oil and pumpkin seed oil easily absorbs in the skin making it supple.

4) Drink water even if you don’t feel thirsty


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In winters we feel less thirsty than summers so we tend to drink less water.. So make sure you drink plenty of water as it keeps our body functioning well and skin hydrated.

5) “Exfoliating” is not as bad as it sounds


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Before moisturizing it’s important to get that dead skin away so that applied moisturizer will be more effective. We need to “exfoliate” more often in winter as skin becomes dead and dry. But be sure to be gentle on skin.

6) Don’t ignore those chapped lips


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Apply lip balm very often. Don’t wait for those dry flaky lips to show up to remind you to take care of them.

7) Ohh wait…don’t say “good bye” to sunscreen in winter


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Yes, even though its winter…Sun does rise. So we should not avoid using sunscreen.

8) Keep hand moisturizer handy


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As we keep washing our hands frequently, they become drier. So keep a hand moisturizer with you and apply every time after washing hands.

9) Want to take care of legs in winter…don’t shave too often


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Yeah, it’s true that while shaving not only hair but also the thin layer of skin gets scrapped. This cause damage to skin especially in winter and make it flaky.

10) Wear gloves while washing dishes


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Detergents are too strong and suck out moisture from hand. It’s really advisable to use gloves while washing dishes so our hands will be safe and soft.

11) Avoid using body sprays


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Yes its important as most sprays contains skin drying agents like alcohol. If it’s necessary to use sprays don’t use them directly on skin, rather use on dress so they will work without making skin itchy, dry and you won’t feel smelly too…

If you have any tricks to share with us comment below and like us for interesting news always 🙂