13 Things You Face When You Cook For First Time

We all have to do “cooking” at least once in a life time. Perhaps cooking is only option in few situations. But what happen when we do serious cooking for first time..? Remember your first ever cooking experience, you had a hard yet funny time then.. 🙂

Here are few things which you can certainly relate to your self –

1) We don’t find things easily


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As we decide to cook something, we start to search all ingredients and don’t find them easily. Because we never bothered about it earlier and suddenly we start playing treasure hunt in kitchen.

2) People around us start giving reaction


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When we cook for first time, family members start saying like “Khana ban jayega na barabar se” and most annoying one is “Experiment mat karna”. Actually they indirectly warn us not to let their tummy down by food we cooked.

3) We don’t understand where to start


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Okay we are determined to cook and passed all levels of treasure hunt to find ingredients…what next? We get confuse about start and get overwhelmed by “what to do first” thoughts.

4) It takes time…a lot of time. Period.


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Cooking for the first time is always time consuming. We take considerable time to each and every step. Its okay if you are doing things right and taking time but people around us start checking their watch.

5) Washing and cutting are not a simple task as they seem…


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If you think Cutting and washing vegetables are easy things then you are wrong. Cutting takes more attention and washing vegetables…we actually wash it to so much extent that it washes away important part of vegetables.

6) Onion makes you cry


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More irritating thing is cutting onions. It makes you cry and we start feeling how difficult cooking is!

7) That pinch of salt is your saviour or foe


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During first time cooking we don’t understand how much quantity we should take to make dish. It’s not only issue with Salt, even sugar, turmeric and other spices also add to the trouble.

8) We end up using lots of utensil


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Though we make simplest dish but we use lots of utensil.

9) Roti/Chapati represents map


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It would be miracle, if you make a perfect round chapati for the very first time…

10) we keep washing hand multiple time


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We think keeping hand clean is more important and yeah that’s true but overdoing is actually not required.

11) Cuts and burns…an obvious gift


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Yeah first time cooking gives some gifts in return 😉

12) Feeling of achievement 


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After completing your dish for first time we feel we achieved something. That gives good feeling.

13) we understand it takes lots of effort


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After cooking for first time and getting experience, we understand how much effort it takes to cook food. We realize value of person who cooks for us daily.

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