5 Experiences Of Having An Older Brother

One who blessed with older brother gets his cloths, old gadgets and treats for free.

Older Brothers are like sweet but sour candy that you can’t get enough of.

Following are few 5 experiences of having older brother.

1) Checking his mood before asking something.

check If He is Ok

“Aaah,let me check his mood……then only I will ask for his bike”

2) He gets first preference from the parents. (mostly 🙁 ) 


“Ohh god again…”

3) If you are not cricket lover then you must have to watch cricket forcefully.

Forcefully Cricket

“Hmmm, It’s 34/1 then what I do. Switch to MTV brother…”

4) Calls your ugly nickname in front of friends.


“Stop saying my nick name.”

5) Apart from that you get Good friend to talk, fight and share your secrets.


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