5 Reasons To Change The Bhai-Dooj Tradition

And this Bhai-dooj my brother demanded this change of exchanging our roles.
I accepted and it was crazy fun..Then I thought why not share the idea with everybody!
Here are 5 reasons why we should change this trend-

1) The times have changed


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There’s no more a brother going to wars to save him with Tilak.
And the daily wars in travel and office, is no more only for brothers. Sisters also need protection from them.
Times have changed buddy, traditions need to change.

2)  Sisters can afford to show their brotherly love, guys..


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Com’on girls, show up your brother some love, with gifts and surprise, for being your Brother for so many past years.. They deserve it..

3) Tilak + Aarti – feels like Boss


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Show off your brotherly love, girls, by getting Tilak done from him.
And brothers, logically, your beautiful sisters need Aarti more than you, to protect them from curses and jinxes.. 😉
Girls, by the way, it really feels like a Boss..
Try this.. 🙂

4) And of course, brothers should also pray for sisters 


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As the tradition suggest, sisters pray for brother’s long and happy life on the day of bhai-dooj. But sisters also deserve long and happy life so brothers can pray for them by performing tika ceremony. Your sisters will be touched by the respect shown by you and it will also strengthen the love bond you share with each other.

5) Trend is never going to change the way we love our brothers and sisters


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Brother sister relationship is one of the best relationship in the world and nothing can break the bond they share with each other, not even the reverted role trend 😉 So what’s harm in trying something new?

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