8 Tips To Simplify Life

We all are living life that is busy and rushing. For us, life is all about more, more success, more love, more money, more this, more that and list goes on and as we know, “every action has equal and opposite reaction”, this “more-” behavior brings more stress, more security issues, more burden, more overwhelming feelings, more exhaustion. We forget that we are sufficient.

It is important to de-clutter our life and make it simple. As I truly believe, “Beauty lies in simplicity” and life is not an exception. Simple life is more beautiful than busy, chaotic life.

Here I am going to share simple tips to make life simple, clutter-less, positive. These tips are given to me, by my best friends, in various phases of life and I want these tips to be helpful to you too.

So here we go –

1) Be protected


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The most important tip I have ever got from anyone is, “Be Protected”. Now you will wonder what it is actually, right? Well let me help you to understand. Be protected means refrain yourself from telling each and every thing of your life to everyone. I mean everyone, including your best friends too. Always remember “Minimum Necessary Rule”, which states that share only that information which is needed. Don’t flow on tides of emotions.  Yeah if you have a very close friend whom you trust fully, you can share but before sharing make sure you cross check if they are loyal and trustworthy.

So how this is helpful in making life simple! Well this thing helps us to be the rider of our own life. As we share less of personal information, we fear less of people’s judgment, we don’t need to please everyone and we don’t owe any explanation to them for our past actions. This help us to reduce unwanted clutter of life.

Sharing happiness is different than sharing personal life details. So don’t get confused with it. Spend time with friends, do chit-chat, do masti ..but set limit for what to share and what not to share. Because, “if we can’t protect our personal information, we can’t expect others to do it for us”. 🙂

2) Disconnect to Connect


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So what does it actually mean? If we observe our habit then we find that we talk more with friends on social network sites but we hardly have time for our family members. We are more attracted to digital world and leaving behind our real world, our real family and friends for digital life. This causes less communication with family members, more “taking for granted” behavior, less understanding and lots of clashes of thoughts, which indirectly makes life clumsy. So I follow a simple rule and I urge you to follow the same. After going home, keep your cell aside, disconnect from digital world, have talk with parents, siblings. Keep a time limit for yourself, decide that after certain time even if someone pings on chat application, you won’t reply to them unless it’s absolutely necessary. Because once we start to talk, we indulge in that and other important things start to pile up.

Rather than that, you can use that time for yourself. So it is necessary to disconnect from digital life to connect to real life, real happiness. Well one of my friend has shared article on “Me-time”. “5 Simple Habits To Find Time For Yourself“. I am sure it will be helpful for you.

3) Learn New Things


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So how learning new things make our life simple and positive? Well it does. Remember as a child we were always eager to try new things and that happiness after completion of those things used to give us divine feeling of satisfaction. This satisfaction is much more needed. It makes us feel alive, it encourages us to expand our limits, it encourages us to give more time to self. We get to know more about self and the more we know ourselves, less clumsy life starts to be.

4) Take Responsibility For Your Actions


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It is very much important to take responsibility for own actions. Generally we try to get credit for good things and blame others for bad things even if we are responsible for bad situations. Responsible person make mistakes but when they do, they take responsibility and make it right. This behavior not only increases self-respect but others also look at you with respect. As we become more accountable for own actions, we blame less; less blame means less resentfulness and hence more calm, peaceful and simple life becomes.

5) Be A Good Listener


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Being a good listener helps us to understand others better. Listening is a key to all effective communication. In today’s life, generally we listen to respond, which make more confusion than solving issue. When it comes to connecting with others, being a “good listener” help us a lot. It expands our capacity for empathy, help us to understand others situation and point of view and hence less misunderstandings arrive.It helps us to relate to others problem more generously.

6) Take Care Of Health


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Taking good care of health helps keep us in good shape both physically and mentally, so it is very much important to take care of our health. We mostly neglect our health issues in our busy life. These health issues keep us irritated, frustrated, in pain for most of the time. Due to which we lose focus from the work, we can’t enjoy our time with family. Not only this but health issues also refrain us from enjoying many more excited moments of life.

So it’s important to take good care of health as “health is our first wealth”, without it we can’t enjoy life.

7) Be Choosy About Friends


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Yes you heard me right, be choosy about friends. Because “Not everything that glitters is gold”, neither everyone who pretends to be good with you is your friend. So be sure with whom you are sharing your thoughts. I am not saying don’t enjoy with colleagues and other people but before making them your friends you should be having trust on them.

Lots of experiences in life teach us that the worst pain is given by foe behind the mask of friend. So better be choosy than broken. It will be helpful if you have less best friends; cause you will have more time to give to each one of them. 🙂

8) Make Time For Loved Ones


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Taking a time to connect with loved ones bring you true happiness. The best gift you can give to your loved ones is your time. Spending little time with them shows that you care and despite of your busy schedule you have chosen to give them your time. This make bond stronger. In busy life & burden of commitments, its really easy to forget loved ones. Don’t do this mistake, because we never know when the person we know becomes the person we knew. Rather than spending time on things we don’t like much, enjoy it with dear ones.

So friends these are few simple tips to keep life simple, fun, positive. Well I have also written article “10 simple tips for making positive impact in life“. check it out.

What are your steps to make life simple and beautiful? Do share it in the comment box below.

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