Airlift – Tracing Back In History

More than 2 minutes trailer of Airlift starring Akshay Kumar and Nirmat Kaur, directed by Raja Krishna Menon has been released on Wednesday morning and it covers essentials, necessary for attracting viewers to theaters. Trailer show glimpses of Ranjit Katyal’s social and personal life before and after 1990 gulf war, Kuwait’s after war situation and Indian government’s heroic rescue operation.

Movie based on historic invasion of Kuwait led by Saddam Hussein in 1990. Royal families flee to Saudi Arabia leaving state rudderless. Kuwait was home to almost 1.7 lac wealthy well established Indian’s who lost everything and were scared for their life. This is where Ranjit Katyal a powerful Indian businessman came with his strong connections and influence to help those 1.7 lac people to cross border and reach Amman, Jordan from where Indian government attempted largest successful evacuation.

The teaser trailer starts with Akshay Kumar narrating his story as a successful tycoon Ranjit Katyal and his high status in Kuwait before war, and how he loose it all after 1990 gulf war.


Above scene depicts Kuwait’s war situation when it is attacked by Iraqi army, with number of military tank roaming around Kuwait city. Actual portrayal of war scenes looks precise.


In above scene Iraqi army searches each individual staying in Kuwait for identification and it seems legit war situation. Action in trailer doesn’t seem like overrated one, like any other Akshay’s movies.

Some says it is loosely based on Hollywood movie “Argo”. Well yeah, actual stories in both cases are based on real rescue operation, but the way rescue operation was executed and level of difficulty was all together a different thing in both cases.

Indian government has been shown on positive side in Akshay’s previous movie Baby. Baby revolved around a story about how the common man in India faces a threat from terrorists and how the government tries to prevent such attacks, while Airlift shows Indian government’s heroic performance in rescuing 1.70 lac Indians from Kuwait in August 1990’s gulf war. If not common people then at least Indian government will be happy after release of movie, something to cheer for Indian government.

Good background sound is used throughout this trailer to convey specific emotions to the observer. Akshay’s deep and intense voice makes it even better. The music tempo increases as trailer goes along. And at the climax of the trailer, that moment when a person lifts the Indian flag, “goosebumps”, somehow it creates emotional tie or connection with the movie, which will draw every individual who have seen the trailer to theaters.

Overall it is a brief trailer to attract people to movie theater with smart portrayal of action sequences and crowd controlling appearance of Akshay Kumar. Trailer is short but shows tremendous potential in movie.


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