Amazon Japan Started Offering Low-Cost Monk Delivery

Amazon started a new service in Japan to rent a monk for performing religious rituals. Religious ties between Buddhist Temple weaken throughout Japan and due to which it’s difficult to find a monk to perform memorial services when a loved one dies. A basic plan from Amazon offers transportation and a donation for the monk. Amazon is offering these services in a cheaper way.


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Monk delivery services have emerged as many of Japan’s 75,000 temples are losing offerings and business with hereditary members in their communities which traditionally have been the main source of financial support. That is threatening the survival of many temples in rural areas. In fact, some experts predict that the majority of Japanese temples without income from tourism and other businesses are expected to close over the next several decades. However, the Japanese welcome the service as a consumer-friendly approach to Buddhist rituals.

This commercialisation of religion has both good and bad aspects. It is convenient for many people but it is weakening ties with local temples. This made us think, Are we ready for this kind of change in our country?

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