Are You A Girl With Guy Best Friend? Then This Is Your Story…

I know it’s sometimes gets weird…but having a genuine guy best friend is gift in itself. Yes, our Dads or our boyfriends will always be there for us but a guy BFF definitely holds that special place in our life…and you know why? (That goofy smile on your face is telling everything babes ;))
Here’s is to the girl and her that guy best friend out there who continues to be awesome together. 🙂

1) At least there is a guy who can see you without a makeup and still don’t give a damn about it.

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2) You get genuine comments, about clothes and looks, from him…always.

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3) People will always assume you’re dating.3Image Source

4) People will call him your bodyguard.

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5) You have fights with no drama ever.

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6) Your mom is more relieved when she gets to know that he is with you in outing plans.

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7) Some girls might envy you.

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8) He is always there for you…no matter what time it is…

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9) You have seen each other at very best and worst and as a result you know he is pretty wise. 

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10) You can eat whatever you want when you are with him.

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11) You can take him home to your parents without it being a big deal. 

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12) When you are with him, you never feel self-conscious. 

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13) He is your “By default” partner on those night parties. 

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14) People think you know each other since ages… 

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So you have some more points to add….go write in comment box below. 😉