Body Language – Understanding Real Messages


We humans use words to transmit messages to other human which is also known as “Verbal Communication”. But it is not the only way of communication!
In our day to day life, we use body language to communicate with people around us such as smiles, kisses, hugs for greeting, handshakes for welcoming, waving hand to say hello or to bid a good bye, using higher voice tone when in anger etc.
Human body keeps sending signals by its subtle or non-subtle actions, gestures, facial expressions and these signals help to convey many things such as their intentions, thoughts, feelings etc. to other humans. We can sense the difference between what people are saying and what their body gestures are conveying if they are way too contrasting.
Studying “Body Language” can help us to find hidden messages or cues, which only words can’t explain to us. Body language aids in making right selection of candidate for company, finding the truth while solving crime cases, understanding people’s real intentions behind their fake words etc.
We have found a nice video by Whack & Epified which talks about science behind body language.

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