WaterWalla – Dharavi’s AquaMen

Dharavi – Asia’s largest slum and known as heart of Mumbai. Dharavi is home for millions of Mumbaikar, but adequate clean drinking water is still a dream for many here.

WaterWalla – US based NGO choose Dharavi for their pilot project to provide low cost, low maintenance clean drinking water solution. WaterWalla has been working with local activists of Dharavi for this project. They studied Dharavi’s Water supply system, social issues and health issues in area. They successfully implemented project in area by providing affordable purification technology. They involved local businesses to provide required materials.


Aamer Hassanally – Cofounder of WaterWalla, now has vision to show and implement this model in urban areas of India and West Africa. Apart from that He is now working with BMC to provide 24 hour Drinking water in Mumbai.

Kudos to Aamer and WaterWalla Team!! 🙂

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