You Can Finally Find Time To Read Novels In Your Everyday Busy Schedule Using Google Goals

Daily in our hectic schedule we don’t find time to do what we want to for self-development. Whether it’s reading books, learning a new language or working out regularly, achieving your goals can be really hard. To find these goals, Google introduced Goals in Calendar app.

What is ‘Goals’?

‘Goals’ checks your schedule in the calendar app and finds out the best time for you to achieve your self-improvement activities whether it’s reading books or doing exercise or reminding you to call your mom.

How to use it?

It’s simple. You add a Goal, just like you would an Event or Reminder and select what type of goal you’d like to set. Calendar asks a few questions about how often you want to work on this goal, as well as a few other scheduling questions. And after that algorithm finds better timings in your calendar where it thinks you are more likely to complete them.

Goals reschedule_FINAL

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But what if you schedule a meeting for that time? No problem, Calendar will automatically move the Goal to another time that better fits your schedule. Events will always supersede Goals. If you can’t act on my goal when it pops up, you can defer it and Calendar will push the event to another time.

The calendar also keeps track of how often you’ve completed and deferred a goal in the goal itself. As you interact with your goals, Calendar will better figure out what works best for you and when you’re most likely to successfully complete a goal. If you want to set up multiple goals, don’t worry about them getting in each other’s way. There are many predefined goals but what’s nice is that, if none of the predefined goals fit your needs, you can also make custom goals.

How to get that?

Just update your android or ios calendar application to get Goal in your calendar. Use it and complete your goals.

Now no more excuses, because Google is here to help you. 🙂