How To Impress A Guy With Your Knowledge Of Cars

You like a guy and that guy likes cars. So you want to amaze him by your knowledge of cars. But hold on…! You are the one who feel disconnected in the conversations of cars or you don’t know abcd of cars. Sound familiar isn’t it? If so then don’t fret! This series of articles will help you.

After reading this article, definitely you are not going to use “BadiGadi, chotigadi, foreign ki gadi, Jeep, tempo” words.

So let’s start –

Cars are broadly divided into 7 types

1) Hatchback

Hatchbacks are small car. These cars are usually used to commute in city limits with 4-5 people on board. These cars have limited features and cargo space. Hatchbacks may be described as three-door (two entry doors and the hatch) or five-door (four entry doors and the hatch) cars.


Some hatchbacks nowadays have more power, more features and more internal space these are called Luxury hatchbacks.


2) Sedan

We commonly know sedan as “Badi Car”. These cars are big in size. These cars have more power, more feature and more space compare to Hatchback. Sedans are usually used for more comforts drive. These cars are expensive compare to Hatchback.


There is one hybrid segment which provides features of Sedan cars in Hatchback cars body. It is usually known as Compact Sedan. These cars are actually having size less than sedan but more than Hatchback.


Sedan with extra loaded features from big brands like Mercedes and Audi are fall under luxury Sedan. These cars have great performance and many loaded functions which makes drivers life easy.


3) MPV – Multi Purpose Vehicle

MPVs are five to seven-seat vehicles. These cars are used to travel for long distance with large number of people. These cars have big body and larger cargo space. Performance wise these cars are equally placed with Sedan.


4) SUV – Sports Utility Vehicle

SUVs are performance cars with having cross road driving capabilities. SUVs are used for long distance and for cross road driving. They are packed with many features and comforts. Usually SUVs are 5 to 7 seater vehicle.


5) Sports Car

Sports cars are very expensive but great performance car. These cars have great powerful engines and luxury features.These cars are mostly two seaters. They are mainly designed for racing.


6) Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars run on alternative fuel like Electricity/CNG along with normal petrol or diesel engine. These are not very much popular in culture but you can see hybrid cars in big Cities.

7) Electric Cars

This is new generation cars which run totally on Electricity. In India only Mahindra Revo is total electric car. Their performance is much lower than petrol engine cars. These cars are used for short distance travel.


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