Imran Khan – The Unsung Hero

Deewana was told today to interview Imran Khan and he asked, “Actor or Player?
Answer was, “The true Khan Indian, as Modi said at Wembley Stadium, London

On his way, Deewana scrolled through Google searches, but Media had failed to cover it before Modi would notice. Deewana noticed the middle class house of a smart software engineer at Alwar, place in Rajasthan.


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And Interview Started….

Deewana: “So, what company you work for?

Imran Khan, though amused by the question, answered, “I am a Mathematics teacher at Government Ups (Sanskrit) Kathumar school.

Deewana: “Oh, so sorry. Maybe we are at wrong place. We were told to interview a person who donated 50 apps to MHRD. By any chance, do you know him?”

Imran Khan understanding his confusion, tried to clear the matter, “I am the same person, actually, though I am not from computer science background.” 

Deewana said with obvious surprise, “But then how did you..?”

Imran Khan said pointing to his brother with his chin, “My younger brother is studying computer science. I referred his books and internet for learning how to make mobile applications.”

His brother exclaimed pridefully, “Bhaiyya is our family’s Abdul Kalam!!”

Grasping the situation Deewana brought up his next doubt, “But why did a Maths teacher land up making apps? Your Inspiration?

Imran: “I had made in 2005 after learning basic HTML, which is basically General Knowledge (GK) in Hindi. I wanted to see common local people making best use of internet and technologies. Language shouldn’t be the barrier. Collector of Alwar, Mr Ashutosh A T Pednekar liked the website and he sowed the seed of inspiration for making these educational apps….

Our Deewana couldn’t occupy this scene in his eyes and felt little swelling of heart inside, may be with proud. Imran also gave credit to his team of 8-10 people, only connected through internet and social media.

Lastly, he gave a message to Deewana to spread, “Come along and lets join our hands to digitize India.

Until now, Deewana’s heart was totally like a balloon. He searched ‘gktalk’ on play store to see his apps. And he found Physics, General Science, Maths,etc related apps with millions of downloads already.

Deewana decided one thing – To spread this and cover more of such stories.

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Disclaimer: This story is based on actual events. In certain cases incidents, characters and timelines have been changed for dramatic purposes.