India’s Plan For A Digital India

Nowadays we are seeing many people on Facebook changing their profile picture into picture with tri-color layer added to it, to show their support to “Digital India Program”. But what is this initiative actually for?

Well, “Digital India is an initiative of the Government of India to ensure that government services are made available to citizens electronically by improving online infrastructure and by increasing internet connectivity”.

Digital India has following three core components:-

  • The creation of digital infrastructure
  • Delivering services digitally
  • Digital literacy

Following video presentation covers topic such as scope of “Digital India”, tools used, investment made under this project etc. It also tells you about the Digital locker system, SBM (swachh bharat mission) mobile app, Digitize India Platform (DIP), Next Generation Network (NGN), Broadband highways National. This presentation helps everyone from students to older people to get overview of “Digital India Project”.



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