It’s A High Time You Should Think About Your Relationship Again

A relationship is the best part of  life. But not all relations are great and right as we want them to be. Sometimes you get in a relationship with someone who is out of sync with you. What I mean by “out of sync” is that it might be the case that your partner is good individual but when taken a look, as a couple you guys are pretty awful. On the other hand, sometimes you blindly fell for bad guy/girl. No matter what the reason is, staying in bad relation is not less than “ride through hell”.

Here I have summarized few points from observations and personal experiences which can be considered as warning signs to evaluate the relationship status again.

1) His/her words and actions are contradictory.


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Always trust on what you see than what you hear. Many a time, your partner may say that he respects you, she loves you but if you can’t find these feelings through their actions then it is a time to seriously inspect relationship.

2) Your partner ignores you, doesn’t pick up your call or doesn’t reply to your messages, whenever he/she feels like it.


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I know people do fight in relations. But ignoring is not a real solution. Once in a while, it’s ok to be alone and analyze the situation but the relation is of two people. One should always communicate with one’s partner. If your partner ignores you whenever she feels like then you talk to her. Tell her how you feel when she ignores you. And even after repeated attempts to make her understand, if she is not bothering then I think you should really think about relation again.

3) You are the only one who keeps giving updates on your life to partner but you know very less about them.


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Even though the relation is of two people, one should always have a personal life as well. It’s ok if you keep telling each and everything to your partner but he should also behave the same way.

He should respect your personal space and help you grow individually. It’s good that your partner asks your whereabouts due to security reasons but it’s stupid that you keep updating what you ate, what you did, whom you met, how much time you spent with your friends and blah blah. See if he really concerns about your security then he will make sure you to be strong individual rather than being a dependent woman.

4) You fight with other people over him. Your family doesn’t approve him/her.


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Ohh hold on; don’t misinterpret me by this line. I know relation is of two people but our family and friends can have their opinions about our partner. We should take them into consideration and ask for specific reasons. Be practical, maybe you are blindfolded by the feeling of love and are not seeing the real face of the person.

5) You don’t feel like yourself anymore.


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This is the worst feeling in the world. Your partner tries to change each and everything of you, saying that he is trying to improve you. But you should use your own brain as well. If he is trying to control your each and every action then something is really fishy here….

6) Your partner always brings your past in fights and abuses you.


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Everyone has past. Maybe you are having a relationship with other before this and now you are over of it. But if your partner is making sure that you will always feel guilty about your past, by always bringing it in your fights and questioning your dignity and trust then it’s a warning sign for you! Be careful.

7) You need to give an explanation for your every action.


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The relationship is based on trust but if in your relationship, you need to give justification of every action then there is a serious trust issue in your relation.

8) You keep wishing that one day everything will fall into proper place.


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Sometimes, you see clearly that you are in the wrong relation but still due to the fear of being lonely, you keep trying and  wishing that everything will be alright. You try to change yourself and wish that your partner will appreciate your efforts but don’t do this mistake. Being in a relation just because you are mentally/emotionally/monetarily dependent on the partner is your biggest mistake. Don’t ruin your life. Take charge of it and move on.

9) Your relationship is hindering your growth as an individual person and gives you more pain than joy.


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If you are passionate about something and your partner is not supporting it because he/she finds it stupid then talk to them calmly. If he is telling you to leave a job and stay at home just for the sake of it then he is trying to make you dependent on him. If there are ego conflicts then try to solve them by talking to each other. A relationship should flourish each other both as a couple as well as individually.

10) Misunderstanding/issues arise again and again among you over the same topic.


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If there are lots of fights in the relation, over the same topic again n again even after addressing it then it’s a signal. Maybe your basic understanding of each other’s priorities and values are not clear. Maybe there are serious trust or ego issues in the relationship. For this to solve, you should communicate with each other. And even after repeated attempts, it’s not getting better, then it’s time to move on.