Make A Habit To Dream.

Every person has lots of wishes to complete in life. But due to difficulties, low self-esteem, risks and blah blah blah (this list will go on) people fear to dream. And even if they dream, they scare to chase them.

It’s true that there is a constant fight in human mind between one’s wishes and fear of failure. The saddening truth is many of us lose to “fear” and give up on their dreams. Common yaar, we just get one life and in that too if we can’t achieve what we wish for then what’s the biggest failure for us?

Now let me tell you one good news. You can fulfill your wishes. Ohh someone asked, “How”? It’s simple. “Dream”. Now you will say, we do that but still we fail to complete our wishes. So let me ask you, does your dream let you sleep? If yes then you are not fully dedicated to your dream. It’s not about just dreaming, it’s about living those dream each and every moment of life. It’s being mad for it. Your life should be filled with your dream. Go for it. When we are planning for future, our dreams give us hope. Keep that hope alive.

So, how to complete these dreams? Well, there is no short-cut to success. It requires focused attention and strong will.

1) Be Dedicated:


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Courage and determination play vital role in the journey to complete our dreams. Understand your goal, give yourself to it. Make better use of our capabilities. Be aware of your strength and weakness.

2) Make Changes In Plans:


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It’s always necessary to analyze our progress, in quest of achieving goals. This will help us understand where we are lacking, where we are doing good, what should be our next move and if required, we can change our direction to achieve them. So don’t hesitate to change, be inspired by new ideas.

3) Make List Of Challenges:


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Always be ready to face challenges along the journey. Understand and make a list of challenges you think you need to face along the way. Live in the present but keep an eye on future, this will give us time to think and plan accordingly to overcome those challenges step by step.

4) Divide Your Goal into Smaller Goals:


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This step is important. Many times we get overwhelmed by bigger goals and loses our hope. Dividing bigger goal in smaller one help us concentrate one step at a time. Also, as you complete small goals, you are actually moving one step closer to the completion of the bigger goal. So whenever you complete a smaller goal, give a treat to yourself (at least buy a small chocolate for yourself), praise yourself. This will definitely boost your confidence.


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Friends, trust your gut feelings and don’t kill that voice which says “I Can!”