5 Simple Habits To Find Time For Yourself

Finding “me-time” in this busy world is difficult. Going gym in morning, reading newspaper, having sip of coffee, making delicious breakfast, updating mobile songs library, finding quality time in office along with work and spending time watching moon for hours in night is just next to impossible in daily packed schedule. We always are in hurry to run our daily schedule. We don’t find time for our self easily. We usually wait for weekends for “me-time” but reality is during weekends we just spend time in sleeping and laziness, in short no time for our self.

Research says – People who spend more high quality “me-time” not only have better psychological well-being, but are also more engaged at work and experience improved work-life balance.  You won’t get benefit of “me-time” if  activities you do in that time don’t enrich your life in some way. Me-time doesn’t have to be solitary and is more beneficial if it involves freely chosen activities.

When we consistently give too much of ourselves to others and don’t find out time for the things that ultimately matter to us the most, then we’re not living a balanced life – and that starts to reduce our energy. Choosing to do the things that matter the most can help us recharge.

Here are few habits one can find for them self, despite busy schedule –

1) Waking up early


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When whole family is awake, we get busy in completing everyone’s need. This keeps us away from making time for the activities we love. Waking up 30 minutes early than the usual schedule will give time for things that makes you happy – whether that’s reading news with cup of tea or going for a walk or doing dancing.

2) Keeping door closed


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Whether one works from home or goes to office every morning, it’s good to close door, means not getting distracted while we do our job. As much as we like to think we can multi-task, our minds do much better focusing on one task at a time. Focusing on job efficiently checks off to-do list, and ultimately you get time for yourself to decide how to use.

3) Unplugging from Internet


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Many of us turn to our phones as soon as we have some time to ourselves, but that rarely makes us feel good. Rather than scrolling through chats, newsfeeds and tweets, find other enjoyable activities that will re-energize us, like taking a walk or reading a book.

4) Taking a break – outside


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Two great ways to use your time to boost happiness are spending time in nature and getting out of your routine. If we spend whole time inside office or home, we just find our job boring and less interesting. Take a break from your schedule, roam outside in a park – it will reduce built up stress and we will become more focused. Finishing work on schedule will give quality “me-time”.

5) Making Plans – with ourselves


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Oftentimes, the things that make us happy—taking a favorite dance class, visiting a new exhibition—are the easiest things to cut out of a busy schedule. So make a plan for these things which you like to do and follow this as you follow any plan with friends. It will give you great sense of being you.

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