Meet The Old Man From Patna Who Is Feeding Abandoned Patients Since 20 years

60 years old Gurmeet Singh daily goes to Patna Medical College and Hospital, a state-run hospital in Bihar to feed the patients of abandoned ward. He is doing this good job since 2 decades. In the morning, he works in his family owned cloth shop in a bustling city market. In the night, he buys food from a local eatery to feed his patients.


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Once Mr. Singh reaches the ward, he enquires about the patient’s condition. He goes through their prescriptions and pays for their expensive test, medicines, and scans. He also donates “a lot of” blood. Then he takes out the shining steel plates and caringly serves the food.

Patients in abandoned ward live in the bad condition. As soon as Mr. Singh enters in the ward everyone smiles and see him as a messiah. Mr. Singh hasn’t been on a vacation or stepped out of Patna for the past 13 years because he says, he cannot abandon the abandoned. Many have appreciated him for his good work.


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All they need is some dignity and some care. The government is not even able to provide that. In the past 22 years that I have been coming here, nothing has improved in this ward. Nothing,” says Mr Singh.

This is a really bad face of our healthcare system. We praise Gurmeet Singh for his great work but this is not enough. Many government hospitals in our country have the same story of bad administration, poor treatment, and mainly discrimination among the poor and the abandoned. The government should take steps and rectify this situation instead of playing bad politics.