Memories That Would Never Let The Person Die..

Some people always give you the positive, beautiful comfort in their presence.. And we never want them to die.. But the death cycle is yet out of human reach..
But a few people create beautiful memorials or some way they try to keep the memories and the beautiful times together, alive!

Here’s a company, giving more to such ideas, Artful Ashes.. The company is based in Seattle.. It makes use of ashes of the lately loved one to create a beautiful art piece, like a glass sculpture or a tattoo in which ashes are mixed with the ink.
And it just needs a tablespoon of ashes for a single art piece..and so, a family can share a person’s love with more of such art pieces.
People can choose to make these by themselves in the studio.

The swirls inside these glass sculptures are the ashes floating..


Image Source

Shipping services are also available if it seems unreachable..
This is such a beautiful way to keep beautiful people close to our hearts..