Miracle Rescue Operation By The Indian Army At Siachen

On February 3, 2016, 10 soldiers trapped under an 800x400ft ice wall by a deadly avalanche which caused Ice wall to broke off. Ice wall covered an army post in the northern glacier in Siachen, the world’s highest battlefield. The rescue operation to search missing soldiers started immediately after this incident.

Dogged determination of over 150 soldiers helped by two canines, Dot and Misha, besides earth penetrating radars and special ice cutting equipment helped rescue “Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Koppad”, who was buried under tonnes of ice at 19,500 feet on the Siachen Glacier. Rescue team also recovered the bodies of nine soldiers from the icy grave.


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Him being found alive electrified the entire rescue team. There was a sudden burst of energy among the men,” officials said.

The soldier was conscious when he was rescued, but later his condition became critical. He was flown to Delhi in a specially equipped Indian Air Force’s  C-130J Super Hercules plane. He is currently getting treatment at the Army Research and Referral hospital. The next 24 hours to 48 hours would be critical for the Siachen survivor, officials said.

Watch the rescue video of the whole operation

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This miracle rescue operation proves that an Indian army is capable of doing any operation on any battlefield with the same spirit. Recently we have seen so many coordinated successful rescue operations by Indian army such as during Kashmir floods in 2014, earthquake in north India in 2015 and more recently during Chennai floods.