Miraculous Story Of A Baby With No Brain

Yeah I know its sound unnatural to you. how can one exists without a brain? Right!!
Aaron, Australian baby, has proved us wrong. He was born with a rare condition called holoprosencephaly which means he was born with only a brain stem and not a full brain.


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At the time of his birth doctor had said to his mother that he won’t survive but to everyone’s surprise this small wonder is now 2 years old. He had proved to the world that if there is a will there is a way. He is writing his own life story and surprising everyone by his miraculous survival. Not just this but he also said his first word, “Mommy”. “I’d been told my son would only live for a few minutes, but now here he was saying ‘Mummy’ – something I never thought I would ever hear”, said Emma Murray, Aaron’s mother. His story not only inspires many people but also make us think of power that lies within us.

How wonderful!


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