“Once Upon A Time”: Morals For Life Time From Fairy Tales

Fairy tales or fables have been an important part of our life since childhood, right? But are they only for children…you nodded yes! Fortunately, it’s not so. Although these stories of witches, princess, genies and trolls are important for fostering children’s imagination, they offer great advice that adults can appreciate too.

Today, I’ve decided to reflect on the morals and life lessons behind some of our famous childhood fairy tales. Please share your opinions in the comment box below- as I want to hear your thoughts too.

1)    Invest In Something Worthy: The Three Little Pigs.


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Good suggestion for an aspirant policy/ insurance buyer. Always buy one after comparing it with others and keep the insurance up-to-date. Be a smart investor.

2) No Matter How Slowly You Go, Don’t Stop: The Tortoise And The Hare.


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Take an example of Steve Jobs. A college dropout person became the founder of tech giant “Apple” company and you know why? Because he never stopped learning and progressing. No matter how much life knocks you down, keep moving forward.

3) Idleness Brings Want: The Ant And The Grasshopper


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This famous fable points our attention to the fact that to work today is to eat tomorrow. We should work smartly and always have an eye on future while living in the present.

And if you are a software developer like me, let me warn you; don’t waste your time sitting idle in office just cause you don’t have work to do. Keep updating your technical knowledge and start doing demo projects of it. Because we never know when our bosses stop loving us. 🙂

4) True Love Can Break Any Curse: Beauty And The Beast.


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Take any example of a typical Bollywood film (like “Tere Naam”, “Hero”) where the hero is a “Gunda” or a “Tapori”. But the heroine’s entry in his life changes everything and the most annoying boy becomes the most eligible bachelor. 🙂

Apart from these filmy stories, if you want to see the power of love, read this story of a baby with no brain. I really feel its the love and faith of that baby’s mother that caused this miracle.

5) Be Kind and Generous: Cinderella.


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Haven’t you heard about Karma? It always pays off. So don’t waste your time and energy on others’ bizarre behavior. Don’t ever let outside negativity affect your behavior towards the world.

6)  Never lie: The Boy Who Cried Wolf


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This story shows how liars are rewarded: even if they tell the truth, no one believes them.

7) Think Outside The Box: Rupanzel (Tangled).


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It teaches us that no matter how much we are stuck in any situation; if there is a will, there is a way to get out of it. So just chill and keep trying.

I’m sure our office managers will appreciate the life lesson learned from this…what say, guys? 😉

8) Fight For Your Belief: Mulan.


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Even being a girl, she believed that she can be part of the army and defend her country. And guess what, she did it! Yes, we should always trust in ourselves.

9) Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone: The Little Mermaid.


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Very very very (guys, I can’t stress it more) important advice to follow in life. Always try something new in life, something which you have never done before, something which you are afraid to do.

It will help you understand yourself better and will definitely add up to amazing memories to cherish.

10) Don’t Trust Anyone Blindly: Chicken Little.


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Finally, here’s one from “chicken little”: Never believe everything you’re told. Be a critical thinker and always make decisions based on reliable resources.

Now this one is much-needed advice while searching for a new job, right?

What are your thoughts about fairy-tales? What are your favorites? Do write to us in the comment box below.