Most Neglected Child

Hello friends, here I am again to share my thoughts with you. Well, today is Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s Birthday, which is celebrated as “Children’s Day” in all over India. So I have some an antique idea to make this day very special in our life. Today we will pay attention to the “Most Neglected Child- inner child”.

As we age, we start to put restrictions on inner child. We start to put it in the cage of fear – “log kya kahenge?” Let’s dedicate this children day to that most neglected child. So today we will set that inner child free.
So what we can do to please that inner child? Ohh you forgot what you used to enjoy as a child?
Don’t worry; I am giving you hints over here to get you started but this is not limited list, you can add your hints in comment box below.

1) Popping Bubble Wrap


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This is the most addictive thing in the world and one of the good stress reliever too. So enjoy it my child, today is your day. 🙂

2) Bathroom Singing


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Let that hidden singer in you get the platform to showcase his talent. Sing it loud baby…

3) Awaken The Sport Person In You


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While walking on the road, you see a medium sized stone and you get that strong urge to kick it like a pro, am I the only one who get such kind of feeling or do you feel the same?

If yes then today don’t stop yourself from doing so, let the world get the glimpse of sport person in you.

4) Show Me Your Groove 


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You are standing on bus stop, waiting for bus to come. To kill the time, you plug in the head phones and on radio you favorite dance number is playing. The moment you listen to that song, the child in you start to get excited to shake your body on dance number but “what people will think about us” stops you from enjoying that song.

Well my friend today is the day to show your groove to the world. 😉

5) Make Some Noise


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You are drinking fruity and in the end you start grunting while drinking just to make sure not a single drop of fruity is left in the pack or you are eating wafers with lots of crunching noises just because you like it, happiness you get from these simple silly things is awesome. Hahahaha, good old memories. 🙂

6) Eating In secret


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No matter how much you eat, the satisfaction you get after eating cookies secretly will always be best.

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