Mother Teresa To Be Declared Saint Next Year

Catholic Pope Francis has cleared Mother Teresa’s way to become Catholic Saint next year. She is expected to be officially declared as Saint in Rome in September.

The Holy Father has authorised the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to proclaim the decree concerning the miracle attributed to the intercession of blessed Mother Teresa,” the Vatican said on Friday.

As per Catholic Church rule, to become saint requires proof of at least two miracles and to get beautified requires proof of one miracle, and miracles are recognized by standing Pope. Beatification is a recognition as per Catholic Church of a dead person’s entrance into Heaven and capacity to heal on behalf of individuals who pray in his or her name.

Mother Teresa was beatified in 2003 after Pope John Paul II accepted as authentic a miracle attributed to her. He judged that the curing of an Indian woman suffering from an abdominal tumour was the result of the supernatural intervention of the late Mother Teresa – a claim challenged by Indian rationalists.


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Now second miracle involved the healing of a Brazilian man with several brain tumours in 2008. He was unexpectedly cured from brain tumours in 2008 after his priest prayed for Mother Teresa’s intervention with God.

Known as “saint of the gutter”, Mother Teresa earned worldwide appreciation for her efforts to help poorest of poor. She founded Missionaries of Charity in 1950 and now there are 4,500 nuns worldwide and is headquartered at the Mother House in central Kolkata.

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