Nepal Crisis – Madeshis Andolan

Nepal, The Himalayan country is now a days going through a crisis. All TV channels, websites are showing protests in Nepal. We all know Nepal as peace loving country.  But what is going in Nepal nowadays?

Well, Nepal had a region which was not populated, Tarai region. It was covered by forest. Tarai region lies near to India. Many people from UP and Bihar moved to Tarai in Nepal decades ago. Yeah that movement was supported by Nepal for economical growth of Tarai. These peoples are called as “Madeshis”. Now Nepal recently adopted new constitution. Madeshis want a province in Nepal and it is currently not accepted by Nepalese constitution. Madeshis currently don’t have citizenship of Nepal and their political representation is negligible.

Students affiliated with various students group shout slogans against India near the Indian Embassy during a protest against the blockade of cargo trucks along the border with India in Kathmandu, Nepal, Monday, Sept. 28, 2015. Nepal started imposing restrictions on the movement of vehicles on Sunday as a blockade of cargo trucks trying to enter the country from neighboring India continued to severely limit supplies of fuel and other essential commodities. Trucks carrying supplies from India stopped entering Nepal this past week amid angry protests following the adoption of a new constitution.(AP Photo/Niranjan Shrestha)

These Madeshis are protesting for their rights which are neglected by new constitution. Indian Government already talked about this issue with Nepal before acceptance of new constitution. These Madeshis are now protesting near Indo-Nepal border. Indo-Nepal border is corridor for Transport. Hundreds of Trucks carrying essential goods and Petroleum products are facing issues for entering into Nepal. Nepal feels India has blocked supply to support Madeshis People’s andolan and India is saying they are insuring safety of Indian company and its people working for Nepal.

So that’s all happening in Nepal.

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