Delhi Government Requested Bollywood Stars Not To Endorse Pan Masal Or Tobacco Ads

The director of Health department of Delhi government has written letters to Shahrukh Khan, Ajay Devgan, Sunny Leone, Saif Ali Khan, Arbaz Khan and Govinda requesting to stop endorsing the “Pan Masala” advertisements as they contain potential cancer causing agents.

The letter states that these stars are role models for the youth. The youth try to adapt the lifestyle of these celebrities which therefore results in them taking up the habit of chewing pan masala or similar products containing tobacco. On the contrary, the Delhi government has also asked the actors to join its “anti-tobacco” campaign to save the lives of lakhs of people who lose their precious life due to oral cancer every year.


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The additional director of Health department said that even the Pan Masala which does not contain tobacco or nicotine contains Areca Nut that causes cancer. Also these pan masala ads are surrogates to promote the tobacco products manufactured by same companies.

The additional director added that it is showing rise in tobacco use among Indian women compared to rest of world and these ads are playing major role in it.

May be media influence and Advertising are reasons of tobacco consumption these days, but peer pressure, parental influence and misinformation of these products are also disturbing reasons of addiction. Proper awareness, campaign and actions like these can help to save many lives; specially youngsters, who think they look cool and consider these practices as a stress relief or meditating.

So Be Smart and say No to Tobacco.