Pocket-Friendly Ideas For Your Valentine’s Day (Or Not)

Well, tomorrow is finally Valentine’s Day. The pinnacle of the week, after Propose Day, Hug Day, Chocolate Day, Falana Dhimka day.

Are you one of those couples that don’t have plans or gifts for V-Day yet? Or have a smaller budget? I know, all these couple’s packages at restaurants/pubs/events are way too overpriced for normal folks like us to afford.

So, what will you do? If you’re one of those who think Valentine’s is overrated (like certain boyfriends), stop rolling your eyes. This list is also valid in general.

1. Make something

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Remember that Friends’ episode where Monica and Chandler were to make each other gifts for V-day? Although sock bunnies are a great idea (NOT), it’d be better if you made something else. Make him/her a card, write an old-school love letter, record a sweet little message for them, sing a customized rap song for your beloved. In short, go crazy on this one.

2. The way to a person’s heart: food


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No, I’m not talking about your everyday sabzi-roti or dal-chawal. Prepare an elaborate meal with bae or for him/her if they’re not into cooking. Bake a cake, roll out heart-shaped ravioli and break out that bottle of wine you’d been saving. A candlelight dinner for two, in the comfort of your own home. If you need recipes, you might find some good ones here.

3. Go on a picnic


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Everyone loves a good picnic. Pack a basket and head over to your nearest park or beach. Don’t forget chocolates, a blanket and mosquito-repellent though (don’t want the Zika). If you stay out late enough, you could even go skinny-dipping 😉

4.  Massage your troubles away


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This one’s a no-brainer. Who doesn’t love a free massage? Especially one coming from your partner.

5. Act on a whim


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If this sounds silly and immature, bear with me. On a regular Sunday, you might be that mom who has chores to do, or the old dad who needs his nap after lunch. But this is Valentine’s! Haven’t you always wanted to drop everything and go on a long drive? Dance with your partner in the living room, even though you both can’t? Drug your kids so they calm down for once (I’M KIDDING, your kids are adorable. Heh. I’m not a psychopath, I swear)
Now is the time. Mea culpa!

6. Do something your partner has always wanted you to do

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There’s no better way to pledge your undying love.
Girls, this is the day you start digging about The Avengers, Batman, Star Wars (the original series, of course) and the latest, Deadpool. You need to up your game. Show him you care about all the stuff he likes. Go watch Ryan Reynolds this weekend, for him 😉
Guys, start with learning about the colour chart. You’ll thank me for it. I cannot even count the number of times I’ve had to explain the difference between purple and lilac to Boyfriend. After you’ve done that, you can start with learning how to cook something beyond Maggi and picking out your own clothes (in the exact same way she does).

You might say you love them every day. But sometimes, just saying it isn’t enough. Show your partner how special he/she is to you. How you show them that is totally up to you. You can go for any of the stuff I mentioned above or do your own thing. Every relationship is unique. Do what works for you. But make sure you don’t ever take your partner (/bae/cutie-pie/shona/sweetoo/<insert nauseating nickname>) for granted.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day! Do tell us what you did in the comments below 🙂