“Rang Dey” – The Colourful Journey Of Marriage

“Marriages are made in heaven.”

We meet lots of people in our life, we get attracted to many, we fall in the relationship with few but we marry only one. I am talking about ideal condition 😉

How we meet our bride or groom is a different story but one thing is common in all stories – “love and respect for each other. 🙂 Today while checking out trending videos on the Youtube and I found a video of much popular SHADI of Yeh hai mohabbatein actress Divyanka Tripathi.

Initially, I thought it will be another sneak-peak of her grand marriage. Opposite to my thought, it was a story of how they meet each other. More interestingly they told what they liked in each other which I feel very genuine. Divyanka said she wanted someone who loves her as a person even if her fame and popularity won’t be there. I loved the way; they explained how each other made their black and white life colourful, and that’s why they called this video “Rang dey”.

Watch this video and share your thoughts below in the comment box. 🙂