Self-driving Tata Nano Build By An Indian Techie

You might be aware of Google’s self-driven car and Tesla’s Auto-Pilot. These technologies are really evolutionary, but they are very far from India. Dr Roshy John who heads the Robotics and Cognitive Systems at Tata Consultancy Services in Kochi, build his version of self-driving Tata Nano.

In a conversation with Media, the idea of building self-driving car dawned upon him when he called for a taxi at the airport to go home. To his surprise, the taxi driver was more exhausted than him and seemed sleepy. John requested the driver to switch seats and drove himself. That also inspired him to do something about it. He felt it was his responsibility to build an autonomous vehicle within his capabilities.


Dr Roshy used affordable car available in the market – Tata Nano for his project. John and his team got down to simulating a Tata Nano and did a complete virtual simulation of the car to ensure the concept would work. Once the Virtual simulation was tested out, John’s team added cameras to the rear of the conventional cars and drove them in city conditions to tweak their algorithms to acclimatise them to the city environment.

Through the course of putting together the autonomous Nano, the team created a modular system that could be fitted to any vehicle available in under an hour.

Catch a glimpse of John’s project in the video below.


Kudos to Dr Roshy and his team 🙂