The Last-Minute Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? Yes? What made you create one? Was it all the articles online about insane bucket lists? You stole a couple of points from those, didn’t you? I hear ya, bro.

If you don’t have a bucket list yet (or even if you do), read on!

Let me tell you how I created this list. A couple of days ago, I had chest pain. It FREAKED me out. I started writing down my last wishes, telling people I love them, wore an insanely expensive dress at home in case I didn’t get to wear it before I died, etc. In short, I went insane.

Yes, yes, I’m fine for now, thank you for asking. But I did create this temporary list in case I died of a heart attack in a week.

1) Tell your parents you love them


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This one might be a cliché. Seriously, I cannot stress that enough. Alright, I showed my love in the form of panic and hysteria but you gotta say the words.

Also, don’t forget your friends and boyfriend (or girlfriend).

2) Have that perfect vada pav (or anything you love, really)


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Okay, I couldn’t take a selfie on top of the Eiffel Tower, but so what? I had the best vada pav in the world. Some of you might think it’s Jumbo King or the vendor outside your college. Mine was from the thela outside my colony.

(Still want to take that selfie on the Eiffel Tower though)

3) Create something that will last forever


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This is a little tricky. What are you good (or not-so-good) at? Paint a portrait, build a toy airplane, write a novel, record on Dubsmash; unleash your inner artist.

4) Prank someone


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Do I even need to explain this?

5) Do something you’ve never done before


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By this you’d normally mean, go bungee-jumping or mountain-climbing. But since this is a last-minute bucket list, I mean make that perfectly round roti, go for karaoke night at a bar (even if it embarrasses your buddies), make out with a stranger; this list is endless!

6) Spend some time with those less privileged than you


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This might sound cliché too, but it feels so good. Plus, look at those faces. So adorable.

7) Love thyself


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Spend a day in solitude. Take a long walk on the beach, go to a spa and treat yourself to a massage, or look at the sunset sitting on the balcony sipping coffee. Be thankful for this life and all the people in it.

So this list didn’t have Eurotrips or hot-air balloon rides, but it has things that I would REALLY regret missing out on.

Have anything else to add? Let me know. If you liked this list (or even if it made you smile a teensy bit ‘coz of the silliness), share it with the world!

And don’t forget to tell us about your bucket list in the comments below. 🙂