The ‘Prestigious’ Filmfare Awards Aren’t Prestigious Anymore

The 61st Filmfare Awards that took place recently were a joke. Literally. That’s not something new. This has been the case for as long as we know. There have been several reports of renowned actors buying awards for themselves. Sooraj Pancholi got the ‘Best Debutante Award.’ Seriously? I mean what criteria have been set? Muscles, looks and gay-ish expressions? And not a single award to Nawazuddin Siddiqui. He has given outstanding performances in all his films. All of them. He’s the most deserving actor in recent times. Remember his performance in Manjhi – The mountain Man?

This year, the Twitterati and the young generation had had enough of this sham and decided to take matters into their own hands. And they have the most powerful tool at hands, the Internet. While the Twitterati was indulged in trolling the awards and their ‘well-deserving’ winners, some took a step further and created parodies of their own. Like in the following video, these guys give you an idea about how award categories and their winners are supposedly decided. According to them, every big personality present at the ceremony has to be given an award, no matter how absurd or redundant the awards category in which they fall might sound. Rishi Kapoor got Lifetime Achievement Awards. That’s cool. He deserves it. But for the fifth f**king time? Also, don’t be surprised if Kajol gets an award for ‘Best Comeback After 5 Years’ award.


Salil Jamdar is a well-known parody artist who gives the most brutally honest takes on desi movies, songs and typical Bollywood cliches. In his most recent parody, #TheAwardSong, he hilariously takes a dig at the Filmfare Awards, and we couldn’t agree more. He highlights how item numbers, repeated celebrity footage and fake applauses have become a trademark of this ‘prestigious’ award show.