Those Were The Days

When I was a child, I was very much eager to grow up. I used to think that once I will grow up, I will enjoy my life. But I was so wrong! Childhood was the best part of life and one can never get it back. 🙁

Yes, those were the days,

1) When nobody had to look good to get attention..everybody was cute looking.

0450217b-3ae9-4375-8a7e-77b065156ef62) When we hardly made difference in blood-related people and rastewala uncles.

same3) When life was all good without money and luxuries.. In fact, stains were all good.c027cd05-1d38-455c-8b55-7f8fdb1000f34) When fights never lasted for more than few hours.

e2c5f5dd-25f5-4011-9b7c-720941d424485) When every day was of same energy.

71517a45-bbb3-4c96-ac13-eda5bdb9a5b06) When sports, dance were fun and not activities.

7) When cornering or bullying was done on face and no pretending.cornering8) When all castes and different color people were same.


Now no more freewheeling; Those days are gone forever, memories are left to cherish!

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