Watch This Guy Hilariously Explain Why You Should Fix Leaking Taps Unless You Want To Run Out Of Water Next Time You Take A Leak

We all have been hearing this slogan “Save Water” our entire lives, so much so that we’ve started ignoring it just like we ignore “Do not litter/spit/pee” signs everywhere. But did you know, scarcity of water is ought to become the most critical issue in the coming decade and a half? To the extent that wars will be fought over it, just like the ongoing oil wars.

Aabid Surti, a national award-winning author and painter founded an NGO named Drop Dead foundation a few years back. Every Sunday he sets out in his neighborhood fixing leaking taps free of cost. He has managed to save an estimated 3 million litres of water in a span on 8 years. That’s a LOT of water. Now, we know that’s a tough thing for people like you and me to do. But there’s simple stuff that we can follow in our everyday life that would count as much. Watch the video to know more.