Which Disney Character Are You?

Cartoons have been part of our life since childhood and “Walt Disney Company” has given us so many cartoon friends which we can relate to real life peoples around us. “Walt Disney Company” celebrated 92nd Foundation day on October 16, 2015. Below is list of 10 famous Disney Character Types and their behaviors.

Go through them and find out which Disney character type you belong to and which Disney character lives around you.  🙂

1) Mickey Mouse 

This type of person is imperfect but adventurous. He often gets himself into mess by his mischievous behavior but his incredible imagination and persistent efforts help him to get out of trouble as well. He loves to travel. He has good control on temper and has more common sense than other people around him. This type of person is reliable and competent.


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2) Minnie Mouse

This type of person is sweet and fun-loving. She is always well dressed. Her favorite activities are cooking, gardening, spending time with loved ones, listening songs and reading new fashion traits. She is romantic and one can find her always dreaming about her romantic partner. She is very friendly in nature and always ready to help others, who are in need. She takes love and loyalty very seriously.



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3) Donald Duck 

This type of person is hot tempered yet he is funny in his own eccentric ways. This person can be rude and selfish at a time but one cannot doubt on his loyalty. Often such persons are obsessed with monetarily goods. His aggressive nature sometimes hinders his progress and other times help him in time of need. Despite of all his negative traits, he is generally easy going person. He is always ready for fighting.


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4) Princess Anna 

This type of person is more daring and simple in nature. She is the Character who is willing to stand beside you and stand up for what’s right. This kind of person never have ego problem.


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5) Simba

This type of person is most reliable person. He is playful and adventurous but at times he is boastful. He learns from his mistakes and improves himself on each step of life. He is mature and takes responsibility for his own actions. He is very strict about his duty towards his family. He is soft-hearted person and believes in true love.


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6) Sebastian 

This type of person is very grumpy and worrisome. He always takes tension about work but he finish his work perfectly in the end. This type of person are loving and adorable also.


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7) Bambi

This kind of person is very charismatic yet shy. They love nature. Generally they have athletic build and their curious behavior helps them learn and adapt new things easily.

They are loyal to their partner and they are very serious about their love life. This kind of person is very friendly in nature and is eager to help his friends in any need. Many times they risk their life for their loved ones.


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8) Mulan

This kind of person is trustworthy and determined. She gives her best in every situation. Sometimes she get emotional and doubt on her ability but she quickly bounce back with positive thoughts. She is capable of handling difficulties with her own. She loves her family and can risk her life for them.


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9) Goofy

This kind of person is clumsy and stupid. He is childish in nature and enjoys every small thing in life. Other persons can find him annoying at times. He keeps trying new things and try to stretch his limits but often fails to do so. Aside from all his negative traits he is very lovable and charming person.


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10) Roger Rabbit

This kind of person is friendly, talkative and bit childish. He is funny by character who loves to make other laugh.


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My Disney character type is Mulan!

You belong to which type? Write in comment box below and Tag your friends.

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